Christian Gerhaher wins Olivier Award

Gerhaher with Anne Marie Westbroek in Tannhäuser, photo by Clive Barda

In the Olivier Awards today, Christian Gerhaher wins the Outstanding Achievement in Opera for his performance last year in the Royal Opera’s new production of Tannhäuser.

Well deserved indeed, and as I wrote at the time in my review: “Wolfram’s unassuming love for Elisabeth was convincingly portrayed by Christian Gerhaher, a remarkable baritone who has studied philosophy and is a qualified physician. He sang as if this were a lieder recital, filling the auditorium with beautiful sound”.

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2 Responses to “Christian Gerhaher wins Olivier Award”

  1. asperia Says:

    i don´t know how well he acted, but he sang really beautifully:-), i listened to this opera online.

    • markronan Says:

      His acting was very sincere, and absolutely appropriate to the role. He was a memorable Wolfram.

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